A day in Saturday school

As i start my morning i realize i have to wake up for Saturday school and make up hours i don’t like waking up early in a Saturday morning i am a heavy sleeper as i was laying down i did not want to get up from my bed but i had no choice its only one Saturday school and ill just go to get over with it.I don’t have to be stressing about coming the other weekend and sitting here for 4 hours and take up my morning time. I could be having a good breakfast with my boyfriend but i choose to miss school all the time but i know ill make an effort to finish school and make up all the hours ill need to make up its not really that hard. But i miss school for one reason because i have to attend my appointments for my babies check up. I hate missing school but i have to and i try to come back to school but i just realize i should just take the day and stay home and relax. I know this 4 hours will be a long 4 hours just sitting here typing my blog and thinking what to write. As i am here sitting down thinking what to write i say this Saturday is going to be a long day for me we cant talk to others and we cant even use our devices. We are stuck in the library with other students i thought Saturday school will be this pack of students but it really is can this 4 hours just be over already….LOL. I say Saturday school should be more like Schools on Saturdays is acceptable and at the same time helpful. This will give students more time to study. And having classes on Saturdays will help them not to compromise their other subjects because of pressure and lack of time. And in family, you can always find time to be with them. Studying well is very important in your future. It’s like extra time to understand the lessons well, more chances to ask you instructors about the topic and it’s like a training ground for your future job. If there is no effort there is no gain at all so make Saturday school more fun for students to learn from other teachers and make time go by faster. I sat we also deserve a good breakfast for coming to Saturday school and making the effort of waking up in a Saturday morning and coming to school with a positive attitude. But i say Saturday school will be great for students that need more help in classes because Students will be able to learn more and of those whose parents don’t let them go out, can meet their friends in school. The children who spend more time in school will benefit on being able to learn more but they should also have a choice of what lessons they want to do that day and at what times this would be the best thing. Being a student in Akins high school is a really great school that helps us with our grades and makes sure we are doing good in our classes and not slaking off. Be sure not to miss to much school and slack off in your classes so you wont be here stuck in the library for Saturday school for 4 hours you will want to stay home and relax in your weekend and wont have to worry on coming every time and make up hours go have fun with your friends and make the best out of your weekend. SO you will come back to school on Monday and be ready to learn with a lot of energy. Make your senior year easy and do not make it hard for yourself i am here struggling in graduating with a baby on the way but i know that if you really want something your going to work really hard on it and wont give up until you achieve your goal. My goal is to graduate high school and go straight to college and be someone in life and make my parents happy and show everyone that with a baby you could still achieve your goal no matter what the situation you are in. Can i just go home know and go take a nap tired of being here for 4 hours but typing this story made time go by fast and gave me time to think of typing my story. Its 11:06am and i feel like Saturday school is going to slow can it just be 12am already i just want to go eat know lol. Its a Saturday and i have so much to do today and go have fun in my Saturday and go have some time with my family and friends and forget school for a little while. Just need a little time out of school. But am sure i will miss school soon and i wish i was back in high school that’s why i always take time and have fun with my friends in high school enjoy your senior year it only happens once. I sure will enjoy my senior year and make the best out of it because soon we will see our children grow up and will once be in high school just like us and we will love to see them graduate high school to and give them an example that we were able to finish high school no matter what the situation was we could do it they could do the same and show them whats right and wrong i am ready to go home and enjoy this beautiful day yay its almost time to go home and have some Saturday fun with my family and enjoy this fresh whether. I am ready to get out of here and go eat some sonic with my friend and enjoy this beautiful day.

The best day of my life!

 Becoming a young mother at age 19  was the hardest but I knew it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s an experience you will never get back and one that can never be taken away. It’s a miracle in itself. Having a child handed to you for the first time is breathing taking. I was pregnant for nine months always wondering what this child looked like, what personality would they have and would they have hair or not. No matter what happens in my life, the memories of my children being born will always be unforgettable. During my pregnancy I was always stressed because I had diabetes while my pregnancy and I was worried things were going to get bad while my labor. I had complications but all that matter at that point was for my daughter to be healthy.The doctor proceeded to break my water and said she would be back later. While the doctor was out of the room I had several contractions. They were coming every two minutes with such a force that I was left breathless. My husband and one of the nurses coached me through the contractions reminding me to breath and not push until asked to do so. The pain caused by the contractions seemed to get stronger and stronger. About 15 minutes later I began to scream from the excruciating pain. While one of the nurses went to get the doctor the other checked me. I had dilated to 10 centimeters in only 1 hour or less. I was ready to push! As soon as the doctor arrived, he sat at the foot of the gurney, where he placed my legs on the stirrups and instructed me to push only when he asked me to do so. My daughter Mia was born at 1:12p.m. after only three pushes, and the pain magically disappeared! And Immediately upon my daughter’s birth my feelings at that moment were just amazing. I was so awake, amazed, excited. I felt every emotion under the sun. I felt complete euphoria as the nurse put my daughter in my waiting arms. I just sat with my new little miracle in my arms, just so emotional and just so in awe of her. I could not believe that the 5Lb 12oz baby who looked so tiny.Oh, it was wonderful. I remember crying from the strong emotions that were flowing through me. I said something like, “I can’t believe she is mine, she’s perfect,” while continuing to cry. My husband held and kissed us with tears in his eyes.IMG_0144 I cannot believe how I could so quickly and instinctively feel such a strong bond with my daughter. We finally left home after 3 days and know my baby is 5 months and I am the happiest mom ever.

Normal day in my life!

Once I’ve finally dragged myself out of bed, I quickly get ready and then I go to school. I love Tuesday were I can stay in bed until 9 o’clock and Wednesday where we’re having two lessons about politic. Maybe I’ll become a politician when I grow out, I like to express my opinions and love to debate. After school I go to work, at least when I’m not sick, which I often is, it’s a miracle I haven’t got fired jet. Weirdly enough, I always tent to get a stomach ache in school for no real reason :S When I get home I usually sit by the computer where I read, chat and even paint some of my drawings. I draw a lot then I got the time, mostly fanarts or some of my own characters. I’ve know people from all around the world, we chat, share our arts and ideas and stuff like that. I really wish I had some more free time so I could get to write some more fanfictions. But with all the homework I got and all the mail and messages I have to reply to, I’ve hardly got enough time to breathe. I can feel my imagination running wild again, so I guess it’s time to stop, besides, it’s late and I feel and enormous urge to drift off intro the land of dreams, my favourite residence. I usually go straight back to home after school, and I get home around 5 I have a shower after taking a rest, but, I sometimes have a nap before taking a shower. I often spend my afternoon by making dinner for my boyfriend or go take a walk in the park. I watch TV from 7.pm till 8.pm every evening i sometimes study all my school lessons for two hours or less. After that, I wash my face, hands and legs and then I go to the Kitchen and eat with my second family. At 9:00, I say good night to my boyfriend go upstairs and prepare for the next day. With a hectic schedule for the next day, I go to bed at 11. I sometimes can’t sleep so I watch tv until I start falling asleep then I turn off the tv. But sometimes I get up during the night because most of the time i always dream so bad and I wake up so scared. My boyfriend wakes up and looks at me and ask me what’s wrong and my answer is always “am fine don’t worry I just had to use the restroom” I don’t like telling him that I can’t sleep because of what I was dreaming and I am scared to dream it again but know I make sure to pray every night before I go to sleep I also leave a light on my room so I won’t be that scared at night and I’ll be able i wake up calm and not waking up all scared like always there is sometimes good days and bad days we all have bad days and good days.

My thanksgiving!

Holidays are times when people are supposed to celebrate a certain cause. Holidays are a time of joy and heartwarming love. People are more willing to give there time to ones that are in need. I find this to be true with myself also. Especially during thanksgiving, I always manage to find some time to give back to community and to life in general. Thanksgiving is just a great tradition. Getting time to spend with my family is one of the greatest traditions I have, and I am so thankful for that. For having to work long hours and going to school, and everyone else having such a busy schedule. Find that time to have every family member gather around the table and enjoy a wonderfully cooked meal is priceless. There is nothing you can do but give thanks to be able to eat with your family. I am very thankfully to be able to eat with my family, but some people aren’t as lucky. In fact some don’t even get to have a thanksgiving meal. To me it makes me sad to think that someone goes about life not having anything ot be thankful for. Every thanksgiving I do the best I can to help ones in need out. I will pitch in and help start a food drive, so that I know that the ones in need will have food coming there way. It is just a great feeling to give to someone, and to see that you put a smile on there face. Thanksgiving is more than just the freshly roasted turkey or the juicy cranberry sauce. It’s a time when every one should join together and have a fest to celebrate everything they have. It’s a time to when you should count your blessing. It’s a time when time give your time to people that are less off then you are. But most importantly thanksgiving is a time to be thankful. I had fun with all my family I spend time with all my family that came down from Laredo to come and visit us and had so much fun I was also so excited to see them it was a long time I haven’t seen them. This is why I love the holidays a lot because I get to spend it with my family and I also get to eat all the delicious deserts this year I was the one that made all the deserts everyone loved them.

My favorite vacation

Have you ever been on a vacation outside of the United States? Vacations can be very enjoyable, fun, and memorable. There are many different vacation destinations that attract visitors and tourists today. Two of my favorite vacations were during the summer months following my completion of fifth and sixth grade. When I was in fifth grade, our family vacationed at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. We went to Wildwood Crest, New Jersey the following year after I completed sixth grade. These destinations are similar in many ways but also have a lot of differences. The Atlantis Resort is located on the island of the Bahamas. You may have seen commercials advertising Atlantis on TV or maybe you have been there. While the Bahamas is not in the United States, it is located about 300 miles off the coast of Florida. In order to travel to Atlantis, you need to either take a plane or a boat. We travel from New Jersey to the Bahamas took about three hours by plane. This was my first time in a foreign country and the airport was the first sign of how different the Bahamas is from the United States. We had to walk from the runway to the airport terminal and instead of having air condition the airport had ceiling fans. Our cab ride to the resort gave me a chance to see beaches and the most beautiful blue ocean waters. On the grounds of the resort, there are many different hotels and various places to stay. Some people even own houses, or condos that are located near Atlantis! The resort is surrounded by aquariums filled with sharks, stingrays, and various seal life. Several times throughout the day, the Atlantis workers feed the sharks and stingrays by hand for everybody to see. When I arrived I could not believe what I saw. I was so excited to travel to all this exciting places couldn’t ask for a better vacation I thought It was not going to be a fun trip because my parents always had arguments but it went so well. I had so much fun I want to travel again but this time I want to travel with my small family and leave Austin for a while and forget so many things.

My long week!

This pass week was a very exciting and stressful week all this week I was busy with doctor appointments. I thought I was not going to be able to do so many things in the same time but I knew I had to get it over with and do it all on my own but good thing I have a good dad to our daughter he helped me so much with the baby while I was busy with appointments. I was asking for help everywhere because I really didint know what was going on with all this doctor appointments. I wanted the week to be over already it was so much things in my head but I had to stay strong for my baby and take her to all her appointments even doe I was still in pain and it was just days away that I gave birth and was already walking so much not getting enough rest. I wouldn’t sleep at night to because my baby will stay up for a while then she will go right back to sleep. Sometimes it was hard to put her to bed but most of the time it was not hard I was the one that will wake up every three hours to feed her and I was still getting pains. I am blessed to be a young mom to a beautiful baby girl even doe I don’t get no sleep but I still stay up and play with my daughter and feed her. One thing she loves the most is lay down next to me and she will stay there for at least an hour without crying. I just want this five weeks to go by slow because I know that when I leave my daughter and I go back to school I am going to cry because I won’t see her until five in the afternoon. This makes me think so much and I know she will miss me to but it’s all for the best for me to finish school and be someone in life and give everything to her. I wish I could stay home for the rest of the year and watch my daughter grow. But she sure will be in good hands with her grandma she will be well taken care with her. I hope this year really goes by fast so I could already graduate and start my college classes and stay home with my daughter and give her all the attention she deserves. It’s really hard being a senior and having a newborn baby at home and going to school in the same time I know I won’t be that focused in school I will be thinking of my baby all the time I am at school let’s see how it goes in the first day of school let’s see how I am really going to react after I leave to school and leave my baby with her grandma. I could already imagine myself crying for her i just been with her for two weeks and I am already so attached to my baby.

The best day of my life (:

October,27.2016 I went to school to turn in my note from the doctor to stay home for bed rest until my baby was born. That same day i got home and was laying down started feeling dizzy and was having bad stomach pains. I really had a feeling The day was getting closer to meet my baby I called my stepmom to pick me up to go to the emergency because I couldn’t take the pain no more.I was nervous and excited in the same time that my baby girl was going to come any day. As they took us in to the room they checked the baby and myself doctor said everything was fine with the baby but my blood pressure was coming out high and that is not good for me and the baby. My blood pressure was high all morning all afternoon so they had to induce me because it was no good for my baby. They put me in medication the next morning October,28.2016 I started feeling all the real pain I was crying of the bad pain I was having as an hour pass the doctor comes in and tells me I will be having the baby at 3:00pm. But I went fast as the doctors didint think they thought I was going to take longer I had my baby at 1:57pm way to early then the time the doctor told me. Omg i was in so much pain but it was all worth it I was so excited to meet my baby as they hand her to me and put her in my arms I started crying so bad and kept saying my baby,my baby I was so happy i couldn’t stop crying. I was only 38weeks and was scared my baby was not healthy by this time but she is a really healthy baby she did really good. I was the one that was doing really bad I got really sick after I had her my blood pressure went up and couldn’t see anything I felt weak and I couldn’t breathe as much. I was really mad because the doctors were just putting medication on me and I think that’s the reason my blood pressure was really high. My blood pressure didint get normal at all it was the same the whole night and morning doctors were still worried and were thinking of giving me more medication and I got mad and I told them I did not want no more medication. As an hour pass they checked my blood pressure again and my blood pressure was coming out just fine at the end before we were going to be released from the doctor. I was so excited to take my daughter home and spend the rest of my life taking care of her with lots of love. I am so happy to start my new journey of being a young mother I now it’s not easy at all but I could do this and be the best mother to my child.

First time I saw my babygirl!

I am 19 years old and never thought I would be a young mom of a little girl I always thought i was going to have all boys just like my older sister. But I guess not I am blessed to say I’ll be a mother of a little girl and I am so nervous and excited in the same time. I was planning to have kids but until I graduated but it happen earlier and I am so happy when I found out I was pregnant I was not that sure I was making an appointment the next day I took the test to make sure everything was fine. The next morning Friday me and my boyfriend woke up to go to my doctors appointment we were excited as we drive to the doctor he starts talking to me and telling me if you are I now your going to have a baby girl and I was happy with anything just want everything to come out find with the baby and a healthy pregnancy. As we go in the lobby they call us in to the back room they do me an ultrasound and when we hear the heart beat it made me tear up I was so happy for what was coming. I was 8weeks & 2days when we got out the doctor I told my boyfriend let’s get together with all my family and tell them the great news and yes that same day we went over to my house and we told everyone the news everyone was so happy I really thought they were going to be mad or be in shocked but they didint have no problem because I was already living with my boyfriend for a year and I never ask my parents for help. But They sure know I am going to be a great mother with good experience because I took care of my brothers when they were newborn babies. I love taking care of kids since I was small I am ready to have my own child and take care of her the same way I took care of my brothers. Having a child is really a hard job but you will sure get use to it and you sure will love it. My parents are so excited for me and my boyfriend and no words can explain how happy we are to be parents we will be meeting our baby in 2 weeks or less the months went by fast even doe you get so tired and no sleep at all but it’s all worth the wait at the end. I just want to be done already I been so tired lately at school my legs get swollen and my back just started hurting today and I could  barely walk to my classes up and down the stairs.☹️ I sometimes think to much about my grades and my absences in school but there is nothing I could do about it I have to make it to my doctors appointment and make sure my baby is fine that’s why wait until you graduate high school so you won’t struggle as much as me.

A unknown conversation

  • This afternoon I had a long conversation with my boyfriends friends girlfriend we were in a pawn shop waiting for our boyfriends to finish what they were doing. As we stay in the car we start speaking about how it’s complicated for her to let her boyfriend go to public places without her and how she is very jealous of him going out alone. But as we talked I speaked up and I told her you should have trust in him because a relationship will never work that way if you all don’t have trust for each other and you won’t have a long relationship together. I was not nervous to talk to her about how I have so much trust in my relationship I let my boyfriend do what he has to do like his in a band group and I let him go alone because I know that without trust a relationship will never work that way. I also go out so much with my friends and he always tells me as long as I know where you are at I am fine with you being with your friends but never lie to me because I never lied to you never. It’s better to always have trust in a relationship then having to have trust issues because you won’t never be happy that way. What I learn from this conversation was that you should always try to trust you partner because you won’t never be happy that way if your always thinking the worst. Having trust is always the best way to keep in a relationship if you want it to last and to go well if you really want to take something serious am sure you all won’t do things you all should not be doing just have a talk together and try to trust one and another.

My teenager life !

Ahhh!!! I had so much crazy,fun,sad moments when I was just fourteen years old I grew up in a small country Laredo Tx. I always thought life was so easy and always gave my mother problems never lisen to what she always had to say to us. I was not the only one I have three more sisters and my mom took care of our selfs on her own she never asked for anyone’s helped always been a strong women all the years my dad left us. Life was so hard for us my mom didint really have time to give us enough attention because she had to make the effort to work every night to get thru the week. My oldest sister would always cook for us clean for us and take us to school everyday as months pass I started missing middle school so much I was just a 6th grader and I would miss school to stay home and help my mom at home. My sisters would always get mad at me for always missing school to stay home and help my mom but I had no choice I would have to stay home and help her out at home. I was thinking out dropping out school and start looking for a job but I knew that was not the best choice for myself I knew I could do better and be someone good in life and be a bigger person then my parents and not let my feature kids go thru what I went thru. It’s sad how I always think back in the past and I sometimes I hate myself for not listing to my mom and making her happy I would always cause her problems and sometimes I wouldn’t get home and I wouldn’t call her to tell her where I was at. Know I tell my mom how sorry I am for not listening to her advices I know she was always right but when where young we don’t think of anything we always think everything is easy in life but when we start getting older we realize everything we did was wrong. My mom always says hope one day your children do not treat you like you all treated me and you all show them what’s right and wrong and talk to them and have time to speak with them. I don’t know how a single mother does it but it sure does look hard and I am thankful my mother is doing great right know and has an amazing husband who is know there for her know that I am far far away from my mom I still have time to go visit her and thank her everything she’s done for me. Always take your parents advice and never give up in your dreams and make your parents proud they deserve the best. Even doe they sometimes do get annoying lol but they will always be there for us no matter what the situation is we will always have there love and attention.